Karma Wellness Water… makes me feel not so well…

***NOTE*** I have recently written a retraction to this article as I was misinformed on some facts. I have left this up as a lesson to others not to jump the gun. you can read the retraction here.


There are so many wellness potions and tonics on the market right now that it’s almost impossible to keep track. One of the newer ones on the market is called Karma Wellness Water, and it’s being touted as the better-for-you drink of the future… well, I guess they don’t expect you to read the label.

About a week or so back, I posted about the hidden names for MSG and when I started reading the ingredients on the side of my “Wellness” Water, the first ingredient in the vitamin mixture was  Maltodextrin, which contains MSG. The ingredients list also includes corn syrup solids and citric acid. Corn syrup solids (and High-Fructose Corn Syrup) undoubtedly contain MSG and citric acid could contain a fair amount if derived from corn sources. All of these ingredients, two containing MSG and one that very contains MSG, were all listed well before any of the vitamins or minerals that have been added to the mix.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that it’s really fair to call these things wellness waters if they’re full of MSG.

Beyond the sensitivities that some people have to MSG, ALL people suffer from it in the long run. As I mentioned before, it has bee proven to cause obesity in smaller animals and is believed to have similar effects in the human body. As well, MSG is what is called an excitotoxin. Excitotoxicity is defined as “Neuronal injury caused by excessive release of excitatory neurotransmitters–glutamate and aspartate causing damage to nerve and glial cells” by an online medical dictionary. In lay terms, when excitotoxins are put in the mix, cells (various types) excite themselves to death. There are (tenuous) links to memory disorders like ADD/ADHD and Alzheimer’s Disease. There are also factors that link extended consumption of MSG with strokes. (1,2)

This is all in something that is being touted as a health beverage. It makes me angry when I see labelling like this because I think it’s misleading of manufacturers to say that something is good for you when it has so many other detrimental factors pulling it in the opposite direction. All people are going to see is the big print on the side telling consumers how much better their water is for you than the other vitamin drinks (and why they can charge you an arm and a leg for it in the process), but in the fine print, in light green writing on a clear background in a font so small that I almost needed to break out my reading glasses (and i don’t even NEED glasses) is a list of things that could actually harm your health.

Is there a ton of these chemicals in the mixture?

Probably not.

Should we still be wary of things like this?


If we allow a little bit to sneak into every food we eat, it starts to add up fast. As I’ve been saying in the last few posts, it’s all about being a conscious consumer. Know what you’re eating and drinking and make your choices accordingly.

As for me, I will not be buying Karma again. I do not agree with the marketing tact they have used and I feel that it is not right to call something with MSG additives as one of its top ingredients a wellness beverage.

Choose for yourself, but be informed. Another great post I found on the wellness waters could give you more insight. Feel ree to check it out: http://blog.fooducate.com/2012/11/27/should-you-be-drinking-water-with-karma-added/.

Be healthy!



Two (empty) bottles of Karma Wellness Water. More than likely the last two bottles Matt and I will ever buy.

Two (empty) bottles of Karma Wellness Water. More than likely the last two bottles Matt and I will ever buy.

4 thoughts on “Karma Wellness Water… makes me feel not so well…

  1. Hello there,

    Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss our response below at info@drinkkarma.com.

    We are thankful that there are qualified persons like you that are helping people understand what is in products. We agree with you that far too many beverages positioned as “good for you” products fall short in reality. In fact the inspiration for Karma came from people who care about what they consume. Unlike most products, the more you get to know Karma…the more you will like it. We will own-up to what is in Karma; and we hope you will communicate the facts. Your recent review had a major inaccuracy. Additionally, we wanted to offer a different point of view. We are neither upset or concerned. Rather, like you, we seek the truth. And it is in this spirit that hope you will correct the previous errors or publish this reply.

    Karma does not contain any amount of MSG. Karma does contain maltodextrin. We source a non-GMO variety. It is derived from corn, but it is not corn syrup. So it is totally natural, healthy, and very low in carbohydrates. Secondly, we are proud of the citric acid in Karma. It too is natural…and delivers many consumer benefits. We want an open and honest dialog with you. And because we care, below is more information than you may need, but we hope you will correct a portion of what you published. And just maybe, with the facts on our side and now in your hands, you may have a different perspective about Karma. We can state for a fact that Karma is the healthiest ready-to-drink beverage in the entire market. The quantifiable amounts of nutrition speak for themselves. Feel free to contact us directly to discuss further. Also, if you are open to it, we would be more than happy to send along some complimentary Karma for you to enjoy.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    The Karma Wellness Water Team

    What Are the Benefits of Citric Acid?
    Citric acid is easy to find in nature; it is a key component of citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, grapefruits and many varieties of oranges. It is often used as a food additive, giving flavor to prepackaged candies and sodas. Citric acid also has the ability to kill bacteria, mildew and viruses as well as remove rust, calcium, dirt and soap scum; as a result, it has also been used in pesticides, fungicides, sanitizers and disinfectants. More importantly, though, citric acid offers a few significant benefits for the human body as well.
    Citric acid helps feed your muscles and brain, keeping you active and alert during the day. A study published in the Jounal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition showed that, over the course of 8 days, people who consumed citric acid tablets felt less fatigued during the day than the people who consumed a placebo tablet. These results were especially noticeable when the participants in the study were engaging in physically demanding work or exercise. Citric acid also helps reduce your body’s level of physiological stress.
    Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories, and citric acid is important to a healthy metabolism. The Krebs Cycle, also known as the Citric Acid Cycle, is the process your body uses to metabolize food and drink. Citric acid itself specifically targets the carbohydrates you consume, chemically converting those carbohydrates, along with fats and proteins, into carbon dioxide and water. This conversion helps keep your metabolism operating efficiently and helps your body produce the energy it needs for daily functioning.
    Kidney Stones
    According to the University of Wisconsin Hospital, citric acid can help if you are experiencing kidney stone problems. Kidney stones form when your body lacks the inhibitors needed to break down the chemicals in your urinary tract; these chemicals then crystallize and grow into kidney stones. Citric acid breaks up stones that may already exist in your body, coats smaller stones to prevent them from growing, and prevents new stones from forming. Not only does this keep your kidneys healthy, but it also helps keep your entire urinary tract clean as well. These findings have also been confirmed in an article published by the Journal of Endourology.

    Maltodextrin and MSG
    Maltodextrin does not contain nutritionally significant or taste-significant quantities of MSG or free glutamate. In the US, maltodextrin as a food additive must be certified gluten-free to a certain tolerance, and that means glutamate-free due to the process. If a processor leaves the gluten in their grain malt (the only way for MSG to enter the mix), the hydrolyzing creates amino acids(including glutamate) in trace quanitities. Rumor among those suspicious of food additives erroneously claims that maltodextrin “is MSG”, or claims that maltodextrin contains enough MSG to trigger reactions in some people, though no medical evidence or opinion has been presented to support this assertion.

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